Filing national entry applications for your client’s PCT application can be time consuming and tedious. Traditionally, the same information is typed and re-typed multiple times, both by you and your U.S. counsel. This repetition unnecessarily increases costs without delivering added value and lengthens the timeline for filing. Manual transcription is error-prone, resulting in increased review time, delays, and additional costs to your client.


ProPhase leverages technology to reduce your time and effort in filing national entry applications into the U.S. After creating an account through the ProPhase secured portal, you can search for your client’s PCT application by its publication number. ProPhase will retrieve the relevant bibliographic information, including the title, inventors, applicant, and priority information, saving you the time of preparing this information for U.S. counsel. You can also upload any proposed preliminary amendments, relevant prior art references, and any other needed documents.

A completed filing package will be sent for your review, approval, and signature within one business day of submitting your request through ProPhase.


All the above is offered to you for $795 per application, excluding governmental filing fees, making this process fast, easy, precise, and cost-sensitive for your clients.

The power of ProPhase extends beyond filing. The same technology tools used to rapidly and efficiently generate documents for filing are also used throughout the prosecution and post-issuance life of the application. The automation used in ProPhase will keep the prosecution process fast, accurate, and accessible for you and your clients. Let ProPhase make your job easier and allow you to provide exceptional results. Try filing an application with ProPhase and let the results speak for themselves.