What is ProPhase?
ProPhase is a service that facilitates filing National Phase applications in the United States. By leveraging the PATENTSCOPE database and our own automated document assembly, we have significantly reduced the effort and expense in creating all necessary filing documents.
What is included in the ProPhase flat fee?
  • For the flat fee, we will prepare the following:
    • Application Data Sheet
    • 35 U.S.C. 371 transmittal letter
    • Assignment
    • Declaration
    • Preliminary Amendment with minor, non-substantive amendments
    • Substitute Specification (only to conform with USPTO formatting standards)
    • Information Disclosure Statement (including prior art bibliographic information provided by you)
  • Also, reporting the Official Filing Receipt and the Published Application are included.
Once I submit an application, how long is the process?
You will receive automatic acknowledgment of submitting an application. All filing documents will be prepared and sent for your review and your client’s execution within two business days.
Once I submit my application on the ProPhase website, will I continue using the website?
Right now, all post-submission activity will be conducted by email. The status of each application will be reflected on ProPhase. Future versions of ProPhase will incorporate post-submission activity.
Will additional services be added to ProPhase?
  • We are planning to expand ProPhase to the prosecution process, although the document assembly is currently used to minimize costs in prosecution.
  • We also are planning to develop a similar system for trademark applications complimenting Madrid applications as well as facilitating direct national applications.
What qualifies my client as small or micro entity?
Please follow this link to find information on qualifying for small or micro entity. Please note, these entity sizes require an additional document to be signed by the inventor/applicant asserting the entity size.
What are the filing costs to file a US 371 application?
  • Currently the USPTO filing costs are as follows, but are subject to change at any time upon the USPTO updating their fee schedule.
    • Large Entity: $1660
    • Small Entity: $830
    • Micro Entity: $415
  • These numbers will vary significantly depending on which International Searching Authority was used in the PCT application, if there are excess claims, and other factors we will identify in the 371 transmittal letter
How can I learn more about ProPhase?
Please schedule a web demonstration with us using this link.